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è sempre la stessa storia! Vignetta disegnata da un giovanissimo Paolo alla fine degli anni '70 del secolo scorso, purtroppo è sempre attuale.

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The 124’s restoration - step 2

step 1

The begin of the last summer (2007) found our beloved car completely renewed in the body; she emerged by the paint shop in pristine conditions, minus her engine, of course. On May 19, 2007 we loaded the car on a rescue (crane) truck and ferried her back to Piero's works for the refitting.

But, as previous scheduled, here the car was stored one more time for all the summer and autumn to come. At the begin of this winter, on December 5, 2007 Piero suddendly began to re-assembly her little engine. I'helped him in the process and this delighted me very much. In some few days (spare evenings) we rebuilt the renewed engine piece by piece, then we put together the gear box.

In the meantime I'was very busy for buyng the new garage for her, to swap her original wheels with those of the "Special" Mk.II ones, and to go to an electrician for the dynamo & starting motor overhaul.

Another day I' brought the original wheels to another paint shop for sand-blasting and so for repaint. On December 17 we refitted the engine-gear box assembly to the car. The next few days we were busy to refit all those items (water-coolant piping, supply cables, carburettor, air filter, brakes gauges... etc.) and on the December 20 evening, at 8.45 p.m. we started the beautiful engine for the first time. He was filled up with Fiat "Selenia" specialist lubrificant oil and "Paraflù" cooler liquid, two very good items for the purpose.

At first the engine coughed and spluttered but, after some times, he promptly sparkled and run appropriately. That night the Ing. Aurelio Lampredi's jewel roared another time with a very nice sound! What a joy for me, Piero and Enrico, the two cousins and copartners of the mechanic shop! many years ago they overhauled our Big Grey's engine many times! they are both specialist in so doing this. They are Fiat master specialist by many time.

After Christmas party, at December 27 dawn I' went to Leo's shop for agreement and the same day, suddendly I'was request to ferry the car back to him for the completion of the works and the final touch. With a deep emotion I' went back to Piero's shop, I' run the engine of the 124 to warm him up.

Then, with many care I' drove the precious car from Piero to Leo's shop: what a fear! the car in fact had the old spare wheels unsuitable for travel and she proceded like a drunk. After two days of tight works Leo and the brave Maurizio (the painter) ended their work and the car was ready to be delivered to me.
In the last January 2 early afternoon the car, resplendent and in very smart conditions was loaded on the same rescue truck and brought to her new home, in my town. Incidentally the new home of the 124 lays a few meters from that of our beloved Big Grey! what a destiny!

Her new garage is a dry and clean 19sq.meters box. Here the car, resplendent as new lay very comfortably. Time to time I' go to visit her and to run up her beautiful engine. Now I'm filling up all the papers to make her ready to travel on the road: the subscription to the Fiat Club, the assurance, ...&tc.

Then will came the time to swap back her original wheels and that time she'll ready to begin another life.

step 3

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