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è sempre la stessa storia! Vignetta disegnata da un giovanissimo Paolo alla fine degli anni '70 del secolo scorso, purtroppo è sempre attuale.

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Restoring the Fiat 124 Sedan

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The Fiat 124 recovery from Pisa

foto 1 - il recupero

Pisa, December 9, 2005: first joyful shot of me at the 124’s wheel.

foto 2 - il recupero

The veteran car about being loaded on the (crane) truck for transport at home.

foto 3 - il recupero

The old 124 being loaded on the rescue-truck: noteworthy the lack of the forward starboard wheel boss.

foto 4 - il recupero

The old car ready for the trip from Pisa to Ancona; in the event we run for about 600 miles (going & back).


The Fiat 124 after the first care


Fiat 124 restoring Photogallery
Click on the picture to enlarge photo

Top to bottom, clockwise: the appearance of the car once in the workshop. In the last few pictures the starting of the overhaul. You can see the mechanics team also. The older is my dear “old” friend Piero, a very skilful and experienced guy

without her engine ready for the paint shop

The 124 in the paint-shop. Note that rust is albeit enveloped and devasts some peculiar car parts and corners

Top: you can see a big rust hole just under the left forward wheel fender. Unfortunately there’s another one on the right side. Above: the red right arrow shows another hole being covered by the steel-patch visible on the bottom left

The re-assembling of the suspensions

The brakes also were totally changed with brand new spares

One of the workshop’s fellow at work: all the suspensions and brakes parts are now factory fresh

Sad view of thedriver’s site: the rust has devastated the car floor and so she match to the Flintstones’ one!

The same place: here, the mechanics has found some raining water!

The same thing on the right side

Here you can see some bad rust holes

The car lifted on trestles and partially dismantled

trestled car before dismantling.

The engine side quite repaired; the rust has been scratched off. Shining metal is now visible


New iron for the Fiat 124
Click on the picture to enlarge

Two pictures of the driver’s place: now the repairer has brazed new steel pieces after cut away the rusted parts

The healing of the 124’s forward floor. Top & bottom left the newly primed brazed parts at the driver’s place. On the right the two fenders’ hole filled up

Here, in the arrow place, there were some awful rust bubbles. Now all is healed to perfection

General view of the car in the middle of the works. Note that she has been totally dismantled. The white areas are primed after the brazing. The primer little tin is showed by the red arrow

The rear right bottom side, on the tail: behind here there is the petrol tank and the floor is rust-rotten

The same place viewed from another angle: at this time all is carefully healed

Quite the same place, opposite side: here also there is some little rust holes.

General view of the works from ahead

Fine sunny shot of the 124 the day when arrived to the paint shop

The car trestled as soon as arrived to the paint shop, about being dismantled

One of the classic’s car place to be rusted: the bottom main spar/forward fender junction. Here also a big work was needed

The car about being filled

the body being filled

about being repainted

interiors about final assembly

the car totally repainted, waiting for accessories

fine front shot of the car today (half June 2007)

Lateral view the same day: the wheel must to be repainted and added with bosses

Renewed interiors with new items

Tail view with new lamp lights and accessories

Perfectly restored interiors

The brave fitter at work

About being treatedL

The renewed luggage room

The smart engine room

Totally revised engine

The shiny cylinder-block.



Fiat 124 restoring Photogallery The last care

Click on the picture to enlarge

1) May 19, 2007: the 124 is being loaded for bring back to Piero's work

2) the 124 on the rescue truck

3) the car arrives to Piero's shop

4) a dusty but well preserved car!

5) the 124 waited six month for her rebuilding

6) the day of the beginning of the works, on the lift

7)Piero reassembling back the engine

8) Chromium plates details of the car. Now she's wearing the 1971 Mk.II

9)Leo's work is of the first class


10) Undersides view before the engine fitting

11) the same but different; note top level state of work

12)Piero at work with a piston

13) the car after the refitting of the engine/gear box assembly

14) Piero e Andrea, two brave mechanics with the 124 engine ready to
be refitted


15) the engine on the car soon after refitting

16) air filter warning label

17) the Masters, Enrico (on the left) and Piero (on the right),
adjusting the carburettor, the evening on December
20, 2007, h.8.45 p.m.

18) the engine, ready to start again

19) final assembly in the Leo's paint shop

20) Leo's last touches, January 2, 2008

21) the final result, the car shining in her pristine conditions

22) the final result, the car shining in her pristine conditions

23) on the rescue truck again for the trip to home!

24) The Fiat 124 born again: here in front of her new garage. Behind her
the old Big Grey residence!

25) January 2, 2008: the begin of a new life!

26) lateral view of the bright car: here she match to the "Silencieux"

27) three view of the renewed engine

28) three view of the renewed engine

29) three view of the renewed engine

30) the renewed car in her new home

31) this lucky sample was brought up to brand-new conditions



May 14, 2008: the 124, at least is ready for travel

click on the spot to enlarge

1) The 124, moments before she went to the tyre-shop

2) May 14, 2008 at dawn, to the tyre-shop

3) About an hour later, to Piero’s shop for test

4)The moment of brake’s test

5)Underside’s inspection

6)Paolo, very happy at her wheel

7) The 124 go ahead very brightly

8) The 124 into Paolo’s main garage (at home)

9) The 124 in front of Paolo’s home door



10) The totally renewed cockpit and interiors; note carpets


11) The totally renewed cockpit and interiors; note carpets

12) The totally renewed cockpit and interiors; note carpets

13) the cleaned trunk

14) the renewed engine: note air intake filter on “summer” position




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