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è sempre la stessa storia! Vignetta disegnata da un giovanissimo Paolo alla fine degli anni '70 del secolo scorso, purtroppo è sempre attuale.

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Passion's Photogallery

to enlarge photos click on the miniatures

23) The 124's original radio, the Autovox, now properly installed in my garage, still perfectly working


Photogallery of Paolo and the 124

to enlarge photos click on the miniatures

1) Me and my brother Marco in "our first car", November 1965

2) Me in my uncle's courtyard

3) Me, my mother and uncle Beatrice (the tallest one) on a snowed field, at Denno

4) My schoolfriends and my teacher, in 1970. I'm the second from right, in the back row

5) Denno's view (from a postcard

6) viewed from my uncle's house: that mine was the last on the background

7) Denno's church and its bells-tower

8) Ancona, Christmas 1971


9)Ancona December 12, 1971: the baptism of Andrea, my 2nd brother; in the background the "160-502" in pristine conditions.

10) At the same time my brother with some my uncles; some days later the terrible earthquake was waiting for us

11) Rome, September 10,1972, to my father's sister house; note Big Grey's interiors.

12) At the same time, another beautiful shot with my little lovely brother.

13) Civitanova December 3, 1972: some shots of my mother, me and my brothers; our Big Grey is on the backgrond.

14) Civitanova December 3, 1972: some shots of my mother, me and my brothers; our Big Grey is on the backgrond.

15) Rome, March 1975: one of our joyful trips with our mythic Big Grey, seen here behind my mother and my uncle Adriana; Note the radio on the central console

16) Ancona, July 1976: our Beatrice & Bruno uncles, from Denno; there are also my mother and my brothers. We are in late Summer 1976
nowadays and few months later we will say "farewell" to our beloved "160-502", visible behind as usually

17) Nice shot of frontal view of a mine's friend car, a late Mk.III serie. There I' was 18

18) Myself, proudness at the wheel of our Big Grey, on April 19,1982

20) Rear view of our 124: at that time the poor car had just seen far better days!

21) My favourite picture of me with our beloved Big Grey; at that time I' had the driving licence by only six month

22) It seemed me know she never will come back...

23) the Big Grey at new owner' s party wedding, Spring 1977 circa

24) One of the many old 124 whose fate gone sadly wrong. This example was built in 1967


25) Another beautiful shot of my friend's smart Mark. III example. Her fate is unknown.

26) The 124 of a my dear old friend, that from I' saw the end of our Big Grey. This also went to scrap although good



Some Paolo's strips:

A nice drawing of my little brother Andrea, when he was 9

Fiat 124 - le vignette disegnate da Paolo


In those strips I' tell you my dream to recover our old 160-502, to rebuild & overhaul her completely. I' would liked to overhaul her engine and her entire gears (brakes, suspensions, etc.), to repaint her with the same original colour and re-fit her spinners' wheel discs, to change the holed and scruffy original dashboard with a new "Mark.III" one, even with wood inserts. And to refit her with her original radio, the Autovox one. But sadly, all this remained on my strips (and dreams) only!