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è sempre la stessa storia! Vignetta disegnata da un giovanissimo Paolo alla fine degli anni '70 del secolo scorso, purtroppo è sempre attuale.

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Hello, we are Cinzia e Paolo, both Fiat 124 car enthusiast.

la 124 della famiglia di Paolo, questa auto è stata demolitaThis is my father's old Fiat 124, pictured here some twenty five years ago, near the end of her career. This first car belonged to my family and, for many reasons, not all goods, that poor car, quite scruffy and time weathered was uncerimoniously and quietly scrapped, at the fall of 1983.
But she has left a deep trace on my mind and - above all - in my heart, I' always loved her and she showed me the motorcar and races world. I' didn't want to resign myself completely for her ignominious end, so, in the last few years I'was looking for another example to restore.
About a year ago I' luckily found a quite rare example, a first serie 1200 belonged to Cinzia's home.

Cinzia's father bought this brand new 124 in the far 1967,and through all of this time the car was on her family load, driven - in the last few years - by Cinzia's mother also, until she passed away.

la 124 della famiglia di Cinzia. Quest'auto adesso è di Paolo che la sta restaurando con amoreAt the disappearance of her own old mother, Cinzia carefully preserved the precious veteran 124 and saved her from the torch of the scrapman; at the end of 2005 she sold me the car.

Now I'm completely overhauling & rebuildig her with many care, helped by a skillfully Fiat/Lancia mechanics team (my old friends who, in turn, had just overhauled for many past years that of my father!) and using genuine and brand new huge of spares to bring her near "factory-fresh" status.

In this site we’ll tell you not only about of this particular example but the entire history of the family-models and her numerous Marks and versions.

We hope that you can like and enjoy this site, superbly ideated, managed and built by our skillfull Webmaster, Cinzia.

We dedicate this pages to all of them who love this car all around the world!
Enjoy our site

Paolo father's old Fiat 124

to enlarge photos click on the miniatures

1)Falconara (Ancona, Italy) April 19, 1982: me with my father's old 124

2) 3/4 head-on view: what a shame for the "holding-luggages strut" on the top!

3) lateral view: note the hole on the dashboard, near the wheel

4) beautiful view, albeit of poor quality, 3/4 's tail

5) dashboard view: noteworthy the lack of the clackson ring, the various leaks of water and humidity, the general wrecked assembly

6)lateral view with me as joyful: note the lack of wheels'spinners

7)other working view